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Audio Demonstrations


Whether you’re looking for the right voice for your TV, Radio, or Internet commercial, take a listen to my commercial reel, demonstrating a versatile range of styles. If you don’t hear quite what you’re looking for, drop me a line with a sample of your script and the sound you’re hoping for, and I’ll happily produce a FREE custom demo.

Corporate / Narrative

From presentations to explainers, through to documentary narration, let me help to tell your story, your way.

Welsh Accent

Looking for something approachable and friendly to achieve the broadest listener appeal? Whether you prefer a 'Deep Valley' or a softer 'Sing-song' Welsh, my natural lilting South Walian tone is a cheerful smile to the ears. 


Having spent many years teaching before becoming a voiceover artist, if you want a truly authentic voice for your eLearning needs, I'm your gal!

Telephony / IVR

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Let my clear, caring, confident tones help put your customers in the right frame of mind. Many clients choose my native Welsh accent for these services as it has a friendly, genuine feel.

Children's Audiobooks

With three story-loving mini-Mills at home, Children's Audiobooks is certainly a genre I get a lot of practice in! Enjoy the four extracts in my reel, containing an array of character voices. ​

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